Side Hustle With Lex Singer:
“I had the chance to sit down with Lex. We spoke about questionable life choices, his first slow dance and his former pet turtle, Yertle, who never made it to stardom like Dr. Seuss’. He took the liberty of describing himself as, “a whole lot of man.” I would say he’s as handsome as he is modest.”

Great gifts are hard to come by:
“The holiday season is in full swing once again and I’m sure you are struggling like everyone else to figure out what the perfect gifts are for your loved ones. Personally, I always struggle the most with my dad — my thoughtfulness usually lends itself to procrastination, followed by the last minute trip with my little brother to Home Depot where we purchase the ever-faithful gift card. Then he can go walk around and play with as many drills and stare at as many 2x4’s as his heart desires”

Celebrating 50 Years of Sharon Mckenzie at Mccann:
“But the most profound thing Sharon reflected on was McCann’s motto, Truth Well Told. Over her amazing career, our motto hasn’t been something we just slap on press releases and logos; instead, she believes it truly embodies a sentiment McCanners strive to emulate every single day. It’s an intangible bond that holds each other accountable and connects everyone. In her words, when we all represent such a powerful phrase to its fullest, the saying, “we thrive together, we die together” becomes a reality.”